Programme - Poster Sessions

Life Sciences & Health
Life Sciences and Health groups aim to bring together Korean and European scientists working in various fields of Life Sciences and Heath-related research, encourage communication, and strengthen the global networks. We also encourage establishing the global networks and developing joint research projects between Korea and Europe. To further maximize such opportunities, we organize two sessions jointly with ITM (Information technology & machine learning), as we believe life science and health care data are one of the key applications in ITM field. The sessions will be organized in different categories as listed below: 22nd Aug - Cancer Genomics - Metabolism in disease and therapy - Imaging Science in Deep Learning: Innovative Applications and Methodologies (joint session with ITM) 23rd Aug - Cellular Recognition and BioNano Interfaces - How to prevent emerging infectious disease outbreaks
  • SEO, Ean-jeong (Johannes Gutenberg University)
    Interaction of antihistaminic drugs with human translationally controlled tumor protein (TCTP) as novel approach for differentiation therapy
    Consumer awareness and demand for sugar reduction method by change of beverage consumption behavior at franchise company
  • LEE, Inseon (Kunsan national university)
    Descriptive sensory evaluation and consumer acceptability of grapefruit tea as affected by production methods and different mixing ratio of sugar
  • LY, Sun Yung (Chungnam National University)
    Antioxidant and anti-inflammatory activities of lycium chinese Miller’s fruit and leaves
  • KWON, Jaedeok (University of Glasgow)
    Pathogen mimetics activate MAP kinase signalling and induce inflammatory molecules in microglia
  • PARK, Sojin (Imperial College London)
    Iron chelating effects of eltrombopag
  • KIM, Bomee (Imperial College London)
    Clinical experience and outcome in patients with breast cancer who have undergone fertility preservation
  • KIM, Se Hyeuk (Denmark Technical University)
    Iterative cell factory development loop – translational research for construction of microbial cell factory
  • HWANG, Heejin (Chalmers University)
    Engineering and application of synthetic nar promoter for fine-tuning the expression of metabolic pathway genes in Escherichia coli
  • SHIM, Leeseul (University of Glasgow)
    The impact of autistic-like traits on processing of prosody and gesture in convesation
  • SHIM, Leeseul (University of Glasgow)
    A cross-cultural study: The Korean version of the Autism-Spectrum Quotient (K-AQ)
  • LEE, Jong Hyun (Technical University of Denmark)
    A dual-ligand functionalized nano graphene-oxide for enhanced photothermal cancer therapy
  • JUNG, Eun Suk (Christian-Albrechts-University of Kiel)
    Compound heterozygous mutations in IL10RA combined with a hemizygous CFP mutation acting as a potential modifier in very early onset inflammatory bowel disease
  • LEE, Seung-hun (Jacobs University Bremen)
    Development of neutral (low acidic) coffee
  • HAN, Euisuk (Jacobs University Bremen)
    Human luwak project: An investigation into the effects of human fermentation on coffee beans
  • HAN, Jihang (Ludwig-Maximilians-Universität München/Hochschule für Musik und Theater München)
    Effects of listening to music on the stress during the study - a study on students at the SRH University of Heidelberg
  • KIM, Seung Cheol (NHS Lanarkshire)
    Airway management for neck breathers
  • HWANG, Ji-yun (Sangmyung University)
    Understanding food environments of marriage immigrant females based on the precede-proceed model using photovoice
  • PARK, Sejung (NHS)
    Angioplasty of infra-inguinal vein graft stenosis: long term outcome
    Preference determinants: Sensory characteristics about visual perception in their everyday eating experience
  • CHEON, Hyejeong (NTNU(Norges teknisk-naturvitenskapelige universitet))
    Monte Carlo simulation of self-assembled nanogel : study of hydrophobic interaction between polymers
  • HAN, Chieun (KUMAS)
    What outcomes are important for patients going for spinal cord stimulator (SCS) treatment?
  • HONG, Wan Soo (Sangmyung University)
    Dietary behavior of single-person households and multi-family households
  • LEE, Sejeong (University of Oxford)
    Protein translocation across a membrane pore
  • LIM, Suji (University of Helsinki)
    The effect of organic food store’s service quality on affect and purchase intention - a focus on a moderating effect of gender
  • LEE, Hami (University of Oxford)
    Does DNA methylation affect the white matter integrity in the Internal Capsule and control gene expression? : Epigenome-Wide Association Studies (EWAS) with healthy adolescents
  • KIM, Hae Young (Yongin University)
    Misunderstandings and nutritional excellence of rice
  • LEE, Umji (Swiss Federal Institute of Technology Lausanne)
    A high-throughput screening of transcription factors regulating apelin to reprogram skeletal muscle during aging
  • BAE, Rhythm (Chonnam National University)
    A study on development of costumes design representing Korean gender value
  • KIM, Su Bin (King's College London)
    Improving pain after uterine artery embolization for Fibroids
  • PAK, Valeriy (Institute of the Chemistry of Plant Substances)
    Modeling a beta - turn structure as a bioactive conformation for short linear peptide
  • MAGAY, Elena (Institute Microbiology)
    Innovative approach to protect cotton in Uzbekistan
  • KIM, Gyeongnam (Ewha Womans University)
    Sensory characteristics and consumer acceptability of Korean traditional mixed-grain powder with fortified various protein type
  • PARK, Hyun (Imperial College London)
    Efficacy of hydroxycarbamide in children with sickle cell disease – analysis of dose-response metrics in a large birth cohort in a tertiary sickle cell centre
  • UM, Soohyun (University of Konstanz)
    Chemical investigations of new bioactive secondary metabolites from dung beetle symbiotic bacteria
  • LIM, Hyun Soo (Sakarya University, Turkey)
    The development and evaluation of medical laser system for photodynamic therapy
  • MOON, Suhyun (Jacobs University Bremen)
    How did hand drip coffee become the newest trend of the market
  • KIM, Yanghee (University of Southampton)
    Fabrication of hydrogels derived from human bone extracellular matrix for bone tissue regeneration
  • LEE, Jae (Epsom and St Helier hospital)
    Incidence and patterns of catheter associated UTIs (CAUTIs) post urethroplasty
  • LEE, Jae (Epsom and St Helier hospital)
    Screening candidate molecules that may bifurcate TLR9 signalling between cardiomyocytes and macrophages
  • KIM, Suewan (King's College London)
    Antibiotic prophylaxis in extracorporeal shockwave lithotripsy (ESWL)
  • SHIN, Jaeho (Chalmers technical university)
    Molecular docking and molecular dynamics approach for investigating α, β-reduction of enoate moieties: toward renewable production of adipic acid
  • KIM, Wan Doo (KIMM)
    Fabrication of 3D printing scaffold with decellularized Extracellular Matrix (ECM) ink for soft tissue engineering
  • SONG, Jae Hee (University of Glasgow)
    Monitoring of acoustic cavitation-assisted therapy: From fundamental observation to implementation