Programme - Poster Sessions

Basic Science
Basic science aims at discovering new phenomena, understanding the microscopic principles and providing useful knowledge for future developments. For this, it is important to keep up-to-date with the latest progress, look at the problems from different perspectives, and establish international networks. To this end, Basic Science Group plans to bring together Korean and European Scientists and Engineers by organizing following sessions at EKC2018. At first, in the Poster Session, delegates from all research area of Basic Science (Mathematics, Physics, Chemistry, Earth science, etc.) are invited to present their own research works, learn each other's expertise, and develop collaborative networks. In the Talk Sessions, experts and key persons in the selected research area (listed below) will introduce the field and discuss current main issues and new developments. - Session 1. Graphene and 2D Materials: Fundamentals and Applications (*co-organized by Material Science & Technology group) - Session 2. Electronic Materials and Related Devices (*organized by Material Science & Technology group) - Session 3. Optical Metrology and Brain Processing: a Challenge for Industry 4.0 - Session 4. Water on Earth: Rain, River and Ocean In addition to these sessions, delegates are also encouraged to participate in the sessions of their own interests organized by other Science & Technology Groups. Through these events, organizers of EKC2018 wish to provide an unparalleled opportunity for Korean and European Scientists and Engineers to establish a valuable and prolonged network.
  • KIM, Minjae (Christian-Albrechts-Universität zu Kiel)
    Impacts of planetesimal eccentricities and material strength on the appearance of eccentric debris disks
  • KIM, Minwoo (CERN)
    Particle-yield modification in jet-like azimuthal di-hadron correlations in Pb-Pb collisions at 2.76 TeV with ALICE
  • LEE, Seung-sup (Ludwig-Maximilians-Universität München)
    Doublon-holon origin of the subpeaks at the Hubbard band edges
  • RO, Youngju (University Paris Sud)
    Study of the electro-oxidation of L-cysteine by polyoxometalates
  • TEN, Konstantin (Lavrentiev Institute of Hydrodinamic SB RAS)
    The fast dynamic registration of formation nanodiamonds at detonation of energetic materials.
  • LEE, Hana (TU Graz)
    3D geological modelling with GigaPan and Drone using photogrammetry techniques
  • KI, Dongkeun (University of Geneva)
    Multilayer graphene: a family of closely related electronic systems with novel properties
  • KANG, Sungmin (university of reading)
    Age-related changes in dynamic characteristics of synaptic excitation and inhibition