Programme - Poster Sessions

Nuclear Energy
Considering the speed at which climate change occurs with ever increasing global energy demand particularly in the developing countries, many including the industry and governments are increasingly thinking that nuclear power has to play more important role for the environment and the humanity. Nonetheless, nuclear power is being less promoted than should be or even declined depending on nations. This seems due in part to the issues related with the nuclear power economy and the nuclear safety associated with the public acceptance. The purpose of this session group is to exchange and to discuss information on the status and prospects of nuclear power technology focusing on the nuclear safety and economy as well as national nuclear energy policy. In addition, the topics may include evaluation on the role of nuclear power in terms of greenhouse gas emission and others. Nuclear energy group is co-organized by Korea Hydro & Nuclear Power (KHNP) and SNU Nuclear Energy Policy Center (SNEPC) We organize three oral sessions : NE1: Advanced in nuclear power technology (2018-08-23 11:00 - 12:40) NE2: Nuclear energy policy (2018-08-23 13:30 - 15:10) NE3/EE7 : Nuclear waste disposal (2018-08-23 16:00 -- 17:40) Additional subjects could be added and discussed in poster sessions. • Poster Session I (2018-08-22 15:10 - 16:00) • Poster Session II (2018-08-23 15:10 - 16:00)
  • KIM, Changseung (ITER)
    Standardized control architecture for ITER plant I&C
  • KIM, Dae-hun (Korea Hydraulic & Nuclear Power)
    Development status of the advanced nuclear power plants in Korea
  • SHIN, Yong-hoon (SCK-CEN)
    Experimental study on steady-state and transient LBE natural circulation in a pool-type iIntegral test facility
  • MOON, Sunwoo (Royal Institute of Technology (KTH))
    International cooperation in big science: nuclear fusion