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Inclusive Development & Appropriate Technology
The idea of appropriate technology stems from that technology does not always need to be high-end, massive and lucrative. Marginalized communities in developing countries have needs that can be met with technical solutions, but often they are excluded from the benefits of technology development. The appropriate technology aims at broadening the options for technology, emphasizing on solutions which are low-cost, energy-efficient, small-scale, affordable and manageable by the beneficiaries, and empowering the autonomy of the local communities and users. We organize three sessions around this theme: * "Appropriate technology with open-source platforms & Smart Agriculture". This session presents the use of IT open-source platforms in developing countries, especially in education and smart agriculture. * "Earth Architecture Design Challenge: Affordable Housing Prototypes for Sub-Saharan Africa." This session reports the status of housing in sub-Saharan African and introduces a project building affordable housing prototypes. * "Moving toward sustainability : Innovating wastewater treatment for bioenergy and value added products." This session presents how to use wastewater for bio-energy and considers the theoretical and practical sides.
  • KIM, Byoung Yoon (ITER Organization)
    Summary of EKC Science School program for young generation and lessons learned