Programme - Plenary Speaker

Heung-Nam Kim

Dr. Heung-Nam Kim is KAIST Vice President charging in K-Industry 4.0 Headquarter and currently a Regular Member of the National Academy of Engineering of Korea. He was formerly Research Advisor at KIST-Europe focusing on collaborative scientific research between Europe and Korea and previously he worked as President of ETRI (Electronics and Telecommunications Research Institute) in Korea for 6 years. He also served as President of IEMEK (Institute of Embedded Engineering in Korea). Heung-Nam Kim graduated as Ph.D. in Computer Science from Pennsylvania State University in the US and obtained a B.E. in Electronics Engineering from Seoul National University in Korea.

Plenary Title: The 4th Industrial Revolution in ICT-Manufacturing Convergence

Recently the 4th Industrial Revolution is getting a lot of interests after it was selected the formal agenda in World Economic Forum 2016 at Davos. First of all I will review the history of 4th Industrial Revolution in Germany and Korea. And then I will talk about the definition and characteristics of 4th IR. Based on those definition and charateristics, I will talk about ICT-Manufacturing Convergence targetting four keywords such as Personalization, Flexibility, Effectiveness, and Prediction. Finally I will suggest our strategy for the 4th Industrial Revolution.