VENUE - Technology & Innovation Centre

Strathclyde's Technology & Innovation Centre offers state-of-the-art conference and events facilities across four of the building's nine levels all year round. The conference facilities in the TIC are spread over Levels 1, 2, 3 and 9, with the main entrance located on Level 2. All floors are accessible by lift and stairs, with the foyer spaces on Level 1, 2 and 3 connected by a central, glazed staircase. Level 1 ■ Auditorium plus Foyer (150 seats) Level 2 ■ Main Entrance ■ Goods Entrance ■ Main Auditorium (450 seats) ■ Cafe Synergi and Synergi2go Level 3 ■ Conference Rooms 1-8 ■ Level 3 Foyer (Contre and Mezzanine) ■ Main Auditorium (upper level) Level 9 ■ Executive Suite plus Foyer

Main Auditorium

Accommodating up to 450 delegates, the Main Auditorium is the principal conferencing venue within the TIC which is perfect for plenary sessions. An innovation system of movable walls and electronic partitions divides the Auditorium into a tiered section for 300 and a flat-floored section for 150, or three sections each accommodating 150 delegates. Each section of the Auditorium is acoustically discreet and fully self-contained when subdivided, with separate access to/from the adjacent foyers on Level 2 and 3. With state-of-the-art audio-visual equipment - including LED lighting which allow you to theme the room in corporate colours and spotlight speakers.


With its comfortable, gently-raked seating and use-friendly audio-visual equipment, Level 1 Auditorium is ideal for joint science & technology sessions. Further information on the layout and facilities can be found in the TIC Level One floor plan.


Level 2 Foyer is located immediately adjacent to the Main Auditorium and the Main Entrance. With plenty of natural daylighting and comfortable, contemporary furnishings, the Foyer is ideal for registration, catering and exhibitions - table-top or shell scheme. A glazed staircare offers direct access to Level 1 and 3, allowing larger events to spread comfortable across multiple floors.


Clustered around a bright central foyer, the Conference Rooms are ideal for individual Science & Technology sessions. There are eight rooms, all of which enjoy natural daylight and user-friendly audio-visual solutions. See the size and capacities for room configurations. Level 3 Foyer offers a comfortable, flexible circulation space connecting the Conference Rooms and the Main Auditorium. The centre section works well in combination with the Level 2 Foyer - directly accessible via a central, glazed staircase - to accommodate larger exhibitions, while the airy Mezzanine area is ideal for poster displays and informal networking.


The Executive Suite’s two meeting rooms are equipped to the same specification as the conference rooms on Level 3, while a movable soundproof partition allows us to open the space for groups of up to 100. Adjustable blackout blinds let you flood the Suite with natural light during networking breaks. With its own bright, spacious foyer, registration desk and cloakroom, the Executive Suite is completely self-contained - perfect for high-profile meetings and special sessions.