Programme - Poster Sessions

Built Environment
The importance of maintaining the quality of the built environment surrounding all of us can not be stressed enough since it has significant influence over our life, community and society in a variety of ways. It can not only enhance the quality of our life, but also enrich our local communities. However, the built environment, which is obviously distinguished from the natural environment, has inevitably involved the consumption of all available resources around us such as trees, water, electricity, gas and coals. As a result, our effort to create a better built environment has paradoxically helped exploit our natural resources to a certain level that we now ought to think of sustainability to the standard of our living. Growing and greater pressure for sustainable built environment and development is now upon interdisciplinary involvement from architects, town and urban planners, engineers and policy makers, in order to build sustainable society for next generations. The sessions prepared in EKC 2018 deal with the aforementioned problems, study strategical approaches for more sustainable built environment responding to climate change and building efficiency, listen to recent researches and works touching on sustainable methodology from theoretical and practical points of view, and finally raise a question that would bring us an answer to what more needs to be exercised for our next generations and society. The talk sessions programmed on 23rd August 2018 are as follows; 11:00 – 12: 40 at Room R4 Challenge for urban planning: Heat stress in the Built Environment 13:30 – 15:10 at Room R4 The present and future of sustainable Smart City 16:00 – 17:40 at Room R4 Sound visualisation as a tool to helping to design future infrastructure There is also a poster session in relation to the Built Environment.
  • KIM, Eunhye (Insitute of urban and environmental planning of Reims, Paris interdisciplinary energy research institute (LIED))
    Urban energy and carbon metabolism: comparative analysis of Paris and Vienna, 1800-2010
  • HONG, Jinhyun (University of Glasgow)
    The evaluation of large cycling infrastructure investments in the Glasgow Clyde Valley planning area before, during and after the Commonwealth Games: The use of crowdsourced data (Strava)
  • CHOI, Dong Ho (Fire Insurers Laboratories of Korea)
    A study on the potential outbreak of fires due to the heat transfer of fireproof shutter
  • SEO, Hee-won (Fire Insurers Laboratories of Korea)
    A study on the review of the quality management procedures at construction sites of opening protectives and fire resistant structures
  • KIM, Minju (Korea Institute of Civil Engineering and Building Technology)
    Analysis on smart city policy trends and smart city technology roadmap in Korea