Programme - Plenary Speaker

Kil-Choo Moon

Dr. Kil-Choo Moon is the President of the University of Science and Technology (UST) in Korea. He studied Mechanical Engineering at the University of Ottawa and received both his MS and Ph. D from the University of Minnesota. After working in private sector for environmental monitoring and protection, Dr. Moon joined the Korea Institute of Science and Technology (KIST) as Principal Researcher in 1991. At KIST, Dr. Moon served as various roles including Director of Global Environmental Research Center (2003-2004), Director of Technology Transfer Division, Director General of KIST Gangneung (2006-2009), Vice President (2010-2013), and President of KIST. He was the President of the International Union of Air Pollution Prevention and Environmental Protection Associations (IUAPPA), and Director for National Science and Engineering Programs at National Research Foundation of Korea. Dr. Moon received Ungbi Medal, Order of Science and Technology Merit (2006), Scientific Award, KOSAE (2004), Certification of Honor, IUAPPA, England (2001) and Ministry Citation, Ministry of Environment (1994).

Plenary Title: Paradigm Shift: Future Edu

The change of humankind's roles due to technological development is an emerging issue not only in Korea but also throughout the world. As discussions on the threat of technologies to human job opportunities are triggered, humans have to find countermeasures. Many scholars and prominent figures argue that future competitiveness may be obtained when humans are sufficiently capable of doing what artificial intelligence (AI) is unable to do, and thus emphasize educational innovation. Their argument is that technologies should be applied to what technologies can do well whereas education should be provided to reinforce humans in doing what they can do well. Based on diversity, education should allow nurturing of creativity and thinking ability. In particular, the paradigm of education should be shifted from the gaining of knowledge to the accumulation of wisdom based on experience to focus more on value-learning in preparation for the future.